Skinheads in Focus

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I received a magazine that I had wanted for years! I was always asking for it here and there and nothing, but that very moment I stopped looking for it, I saw it and bought it and, of course, I had to share it with you all.

The magazine is called Mirabelle and it dates May 1970. The article, as the title of this post says, is “Skinheads in Focus” and it shows us the simple but smart skinhead style. However, only the description of the girls’ clothes is available. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did!

Skinheads in Focus

Snap! A new perspective to young fashions for true skinheads to follow. Snip! Lots of smart suits and dresses. Snap! Matching skirts and tops for everyday wear. Simple but smart. Snip!

Far left: Girl’s mohair suit. Colours: bottle green, wine, turquoise, black.

Centre: Mohair suit. Same colours as above.

Right: Prince of Wales coat. Three different colour tones.

Sitting: Keyhole mohair dress. Colours: bottle green, wine, turquoise, black.


Jumper, various colours. Skirt, various colours.


Jumper, various colours. Kilt, various colours.


Knitted dress. Colours: white and beige, pink and beige, blue and beige.


Sta-press trousers, various pale shades. Ben Sherman shirt. Cardigan, colours: black, brown, green, camel.


Full view of the article:


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And as always in parting, a nice Reggae tune. In the summer mood and I would love to eat a watermelon…