Skinhead Girl Hairstyle

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while and since the other day we were talking about skinhead girls haircuts on the Style Forum and I get traffic from lots of people looking for this information, I thought: why not write about it now?

Once again, it is impossible to generalise as we know not everything was (or is) black and white. It depended a lot on where you lived, your age, how strict your parents were, what you liked, etc., but hopefully we can cover a wide range of styles.  As usual, the best way to illustrate something is with photos so here you will find a few pictures of the different haircuts worn by skinhead girls in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

1. The “Julie Driscoll”

One of the prettiest but also one of the most ‘difficult to wear’ hairstyles. It consists of (very) short hair with longer sides and an arched fringe.  I call it the ‘Julie Driscoll’ because it’s similar to what Julie Driscoll looked like back then.


Ann from Corby, 1969


Late 60’s


Olly, 1970



2. Feather cut

The most popular hairstyle. Short on top with longer back and sides. Often seen with short/no fringe and side parting, arched fringe, middle parting. . .

There are different lengths depending on the year but I reckon it’s been popular since the late 60’s. In the early 70’s ‘half’ fringe became popular, too.


Linda and friends, early 70’s


Ann from Corby again, 1971


Lynn and friend, early 70’s


Vivien and Annette ca. 1969

3. Hair brushed back

Imagine a grown out feather cut, then you brush it back and use some hairspray to keep the volume. Gotta thank Colin for the idea of the name!

I’ve only seen pictures from 1970 onwards with this style.


Ca. 1970 at the Top Rank in Reading


At The Tin Hat in Kettering, 1971. Girl at the back/left wearing her hair brushed back

Another variation would be the hair brushed back but then tied (only half of the hair with or without volume) like in these pictures:





4. Ponytails

Hair tied at the back, usually with middle parting, leaving strands of hair to the sides.

I’ve seen pictures from 1969 onwards with this hairstyle.


Jean. A mix of photos from the late 60’s and early 70’s



5. Buns and Plaits

Hair was usually pulled back with no parting, leaving some strands of hair to the sides, straight or curly.

At the back, it would be plaited and tucked under or wrapped up in a bun, which is how I wear it.

I’ve seen pictures from early 1970 onwards with this hairstyle.


Jan and friends, ca. 1970. Back was plaited and tucked under


Long hair and probably a bun. Ca. 1970


Buns! 1971

6. Long, plain hair

Often seen both in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Usually worn by older girls or by the ones who were not allowed to get a feather cut. With middle or side parting.


Jan and friends, cool chicks with long hair. Ca. 1970


Ca. 1971

* Bonus: Accessories

Accessories like hair clips and bun nets were also worn. The first one, usually with side parting and the hair clip to hold the hair like in this picture:



So there you go, lots of hairstyle inspiration. There is more to life than feather cuts as you have seen in all these pictures from original skinhead girls or girls with the skinhead girl style. But in case you don’t believe me, here are some recollections of original skinheads too:

Maybe traditionally short in the next skinhead phase. I wouldn’t know though because I wasn’t there!! The boys hair was short, but not the girls as a rule. Some maybe.” – Jan

“Even back in the day, some friends of mine didn’t have a feather cut, they had long hair and wore it in a bun, but as I have said to you before, I think depends where you lived and personal style.” – Julie

I have loads of photos from my book That Beatin’ Rhythm that shows original skinhead girls from the early 70’s with long hair, not everyone had the short ‘feathered’ style.” – Paddy

I don’t remember girls with severe feather cuts that you see today i.e. ears sticking out. Most birds wore their hair similar to the photo above (see Jan’s photo in 6.). I do remember having a feather cut done by some bird with a razor blade at the local youth club. A row of lads lined up, next thing there’s hair everywhere.” – Paul

Hope you have liked the post. Special thanks to Dave, Stephen, Olly, Bob, Linda, Lynn and Tony for the pictures! Will try to start posting more often as before : )

As always in parting, a nice little tune.