When Skinheads and Hells Angels were the Target

New week, new post! Today I would like to share with you a little review on a boys’ magazine from 1972: Target.

Target was a weekly magazine aimed at boys published and distributed by The New English Library Ltd in 1972. I do not own the very first issue but doing a bit of research, I read that in its editorial, it was proclaimed that the intention of Target was to “incorporate all the facets of popular reading into one magazine”. And it’s true, this weekly would cover a varied range of interests and boys would find articles on music, sports, cinema, fashion, nature, stories of war, etc. The magazine also included comic strips, one about Skinheads (Bovver Boy) and one about Hells Angels (L’s Angels) among them.


Cover of issue 28


Get Clobbered! section. Oh dear!


Article on Rangers F.C.

Even though Target was quite a good weekly, it didn’t last for long, perhaps a year or so until the first months of 1973 (if someone knows, please confirm). It came with free gifts and it was well designed, with some pages in colour in a better quality paper, well written and with popular writers. For example, actor Christopher Lee would have a column: ‘World of Cinema and Tv – Christopher Lee writes for you’ and the BBC radio presenter Dave Lee Travis would have his own too: ‘Record review with David Lee Travis’.


Free gift: Large Colour Poster of the ‘Bovver Boy’


World of Cinema and TV – Christopher Lee writes for you


Record Review with Dave Lee Travis

Bovver Boy and L’s Angels

Target decided to capture two popular youth subcultures in its issues with comic strips as parody. Bovver Boy, the one about skinheads, showed an almost bald young boy, wearing ‘bovver boots’ and braces, who liked fighting and messing with people. The L’s Angels were 3 scruffy friends, not very clever and whose enemy was, of course, the ‘Bovver Boy’.


Bovver Boy comic strip



L’s Angels Comic strip. In this one it also appears the ‘Bovver Boy’


L’s Angels comic strip

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As always in parting, a nice little tune. This brilliant song was included in the review by Dave Lee Travis above. See you next week!

External sources used in this post:

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