Reggae meets Skinhead Style

Hi, everybody!

Reggae meets Skinhead Style today on The Ballroom Blitz. Many songs talk about skinheads and smooths and even have those words in their titles but today I would like to focus on the ones that mention something about the style: hair, clothes, footwear, etc.

To start this post, one of the most, let’s say, ‘skinhead-friendly’ groups without any doubt: Symarip. They recorded many tunes dedicated to them and even a LP:

1. Symarip – Skinhead Jamboree

Roy Ellis singing about the basic kit: Ben sherman, Levi’s, Dr. Martens, braces and cropped hair.

“First, you got your boots ready? Dr, Martens boots? Buy yourself some boots. You got your jeans ready? You got your jeans ready? Levi jeans? Oh I’m sorry you can’t come in, your hair is too long, you gotta get a haircut, the rest of you is OK. Now, special shirt Ben Sherman. […] By the way, you ain’t wearing no braces, go get your braces”

2. Symarip – Skinhead Moonstomp

Almost like an anthem, in this song Roy Ellis (the man with the biggest boots) says that they have to be sure that everything is spick-and-span. They are going to the moon so they have to shine their boots and brush their teeth, you know, the man on the moon looks different from man on the Earth.

“Put your braces together and your boots on your feet”

3. Symarip – Skinhead Girl

And they couldn’t forget the pretty side of things ;) Although the girl Roy describes is his height, weight and size lol.

“Her hair cut short, boots set firm. […] She wore braces and blue jeans”

4. Hot Rod All Stars – Moonhop in London

Skinhead, beware, beware! In this song they talk about the issues that may exist between the black and white communities but they also say that Reggae has brought unity between them.

“Skinhead a wear braces and big boots”

5. The Pioneers – Reggae fever

Skinheads caught the eye of the press and The Pioneers sing that every time you read the Mirror, there is always a piece of news about them (usually in a negative way, of course).

“Skinhead braces and big boots is the talk of this town. […] You can know a skinhead by the way he skins his head”

6. The Piglets – Johnny Reggae

Later than the other tunes, here we are already in the smooth era: longer hair, fringe and buckle shoes, two tone tonic fabrics, etc.

“He’s grown his hair a bit but it’s smooth, not too long. […] In his fringe and buckle stompers and his two-tone tonic strides”

So, we have 6 songs talking about the skinhead style. What other tunes do you know regading this topic? Feel free to comment!

And as always in parting, I would upload a little tune but I think we already have too many, so it’s better to upload a little pic:


Barons Court – 1969


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