5 Non-Skinhead Haircuts to Inspire Skinhead Girls

Hello, everyone!

So today I wanted to share with you a very interesting article taken from a very popular music magazine (No, the name of the magazine is not ‘Popular Music’ as someone was joking on Facebook ha, ha, ha, cool) but last Friday I received a message from a girl in the USA who was trying to get some ‘inspiration’ before having her hair cut and it makes me feel really flattered that she had thought in The Ballroom Blitz Blog as a source of advice. I told her that she could have a look at the “Skins, suedes, smooths – The Real Deal!” album on Facebook as it contains many photos of skinhead girls or check out the “Skinhead Girl Style” post on this blog but that I would prepare a specific post for that matter as well. My followers’ wishes are my command :)

I had already written something about hairstyles for skinhead girls on the old Ballroom Blitz site on Blogspot mixing original skinhead girls’ haircuts and vintage haircuts that might fit. This time I would like to focus on these last ones, as I think there is already too much photographic material of the girls of our youth cult and it’s positive to have a broader look at the late 60’s and early 70’s to understand a bit more such style. So, let’s start.

1. Paula Boyd

Paula Boyd was the youngest sister of the famous model Pattie Boyd. Not a role model at all, addicted to drugs and alcohol, but well, we can talk about that in another post. This first picture is from the cover of the Fabulous 208 magazine dated 21st December 1968; next to her we can find John Perry.


Next pic is from another issue of the Fabulous 208 magazine, 8th February 1969 to be more specific. In this issue she also appears on the cover advertising that same tunic dress in green colour. The tunic dress was available in three colour shades: green, blue and cream


I’m not exactly sure about the date of the next pic but I guess it’s from the very early 70’s. Lovely anyway.


2. Vidal Sasoon

Vidal Sasson needs no introduction among the 60’s lovers. One of the most famous hairdressers ever and the creator of the ‘bob’, he died recently this year, in May.

This first short sides hairstyle is by Vidal Sassoon himself and it dates from 1971. Blonde hair was cropped throughout with long feathered sides.

Recently, I saw this picture all over Facebook in two “Skinhead Pages” stating that this is a skinhead girl. I’m sorry, but this is not a skinhead girl at all, even though the hairstyle might be similar (that’s why it is featured on this post). I think some people should really stop making movies in their heads ;)

Another hairstyle from the Vidal Sassoon salon in London, this time by Roger Thompson, one of the hairdressers of his team. A curly hairstyle in which cropped hair was softly permed and finger-dried onto the face.

This is another one of those “skinhead girls” pics all over Facebook. Come on, it is very clear that this is a model! Anyway, the picture is from the Vogue magazine January 1969 and the stunning hairstyle was by Roger Thompson of the Vidal Sassoon salon in London.


3. Robert Fielding

Next two hairstyles are from the Robert Fielding Hair Salon in London and date 1971.

In the first one, blonde hair was cut into collar length long layers through the back with a short feathered fringe and long sides brushed on the face.


*Proper 70’s Feather Cut* – In this second one, long blonde hair was cut into feathered, graduated layers and brushed close to the head.

4. Charles Booth

Booth was one of those hairdressers inspired by the genius Vidal Sassoon. In 1967 he opened LaCoupe hair salon in Montreal, Canada.

This cropped sideburns hairstyle dates from 1969 and in it cropped hair was brushed onto the face.

Next one is a bit exaggerated but what I wanted to stand out was the crop and the sideburns. Hair was cropped through the top leaving long lengths through the sides and back.

5. Julie Driscoll

Julie has to be my favourite one. Beautiful singer and actress, her influence on the skinhead girl style is very clear in the hair (cropped hair, arched fringe, longer sides) as well as in the make-up (heavy eye make-up and pale lips).

Here we can see her wearing a crop with longer sides, heavy eye make-up and pale lips.


Next one is a shot by the famous photographer David Bailey in 1969. Hair has grown a bit, looks lovely again with an arched fringe, heavy eye make-up and pale lips. Unfortunately, that shirt…


More photos of her style. In the first one we can see her next to Brian Auger.


Hope you have liked this post and that our friend in the USA has more ideas to have her hair cut now :)

And as always in parting, a nice little tune. It doesn’t have anything to do with this post but it’s on its way to my home. Yay!


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