Back in ’69 – The Cottage Killers

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Ballroom Blitz.

Today, we go straight back to the golden era of the skinhead: 1969. Phil, a well-known skinhead from London, has kindly shared some of his pics from the family archive with us. His brother and his sister were skinheads back in the day and this last one was also part of the Swiss Cottage mob who called themselves ‘The Cottage Killers”, ha ha ha, bless them.

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OK, so back to the topic. This first pic was from their holidays in the Isle of Sheppey in the summer of 1969. Phil’s brother is the boy wearing the red gingham Ben Sherman and his sister is the girl who is sat down.

The next guy is his sister’s mate and he seems to be wearing a v-neck tank top and Levi’s. Again in the Isle of Sheppey ca. 1969.

Sister’s mates in the Isle of Sheppey, they went on holiday with Phil’s family.

 Sister’s mate wearing a s/l knit jumper with a nice pleated mini-skirt. Her name was Janet Cook and sadly passed away. Phil says she was part of the family, moved in with them and shared Christmas and holidays. May she rest in peace.

The next photo was taken in the Swiss Cottage underground station in 1969. The guy on the right, called Bob, was the boyfriend of Phil’s sister. Lovely square sunglasses they are wearing, similar (probably?) to Caravans.

As we all know, fashion changed very quickly back then. This is Phil’s sister and her boyfriend in February 1971.

And another one from the 70’s side of things.

Thanks a lot to Phil for sharing these photos and info with The Ballroom Blitz!, I really appreciated it. And as my mate Del on Facebook once said: “Nothing beats the original pics and the original era”. Cheers!

And as always in parting, a nice little tune. Duke “The Tickler” Vin this one is for you! R.I.P.


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