Please Sir! (The movie)

Hello, everybody! Welcome to another ‘episode’ of The Ballroom Blitz!

So, the other day we were discussing on Facebook (don’t forget to join us on about this very popular late 60’s/early 70’s British sitcom called ‘Please Sir!‘ and, as I love the series and the movie, I decided to prepare a post; even though I had already talked about it on the old Ballroom Blitz blog.

Please Sir! was originally a British sitcom which aired from the late 60’s to the early 70’s, but the movie is from 1971. The cast included actors and actresses like John Alderton, Deryck Guyler, the bombshell Carol Hawkins and a young Brinsley Forde, one of the founders of the Reggae band Aswad. Unfortunately, I won’t tell you anything about the plot this time but you can buy the DVD on eBay for little money. The movie is funny, entertaining and full of nice gear! If you are into the early 70’s style, it’s worth buying.

Now, focusing on what I like the most about this movie (yes, clothes!), here you can find some screenshots for your delight:

Typical early 70’s style and clothes: tank tops, dagger collar shirts, suits, etc. If you pay attention, you will see the dresses we, skinhead girls, love to wear. Proper mohair/trevira dresses with a silk hankie on the chest.

Afros and long hair ruled the world

Crew neck knit top, mini skirt, knee high boots + pothole tights, mohair dress

Sharon (Carol Hawkins)

Brinsley Forde in the back wearing a grandad cardigan

Stereotypes? That’s what I love about ‘Please Sir!’. Here you can see a greaser.

Mind you, this is not the shortest dress/skirt in the movie. One girl is all the time showing her -wait for it- knickers!

More stereotypes ha, ha, ha

Wesley (Brinsley Forde) and the cheeky grin of someone who is telling a few white lies regarding Mr. Hedges’ racism

At the bar having a beer, or two.

Brinsley dresses properly. Here you can see him wearing a button down shirt and a harrington jacket

Hells angels again…

Hmmm some people look familiar. Look at the suedeheads corner!

One of the girls above and the same boy. He wears a proper button down shirt with ‘the details’ and longer hair. The girl wears (I think) a gingham check shirt

One for the boys…

Why I think this girl is a suedehead? 1. Because of her hairstyle 2. Because of her clothes. You can only see her wearing smart clothing, with her mini skirts and shirts. And this takes me back to the same old topic, our style was (and still is) supposed to be smart, sharp and different. I don’t understand why some skinheads wear flamboyant clothes as if they were going to a dress-up party. Phewww…

Anyway. Every story has a happy ending…

… Or not!

And as always in parting, a nice little tune


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